Three Simple Step To Started Working Process


Candidates are intelligently matched

TallentIT automatically finds which candidates and opportunities fit one another, and shows that in highlighted visuals within the application.


Lightining quick applications management

Quickly handle all your incoming applications, switch opportunities without leaving the page, change states with one click. Register interviews with pre-filled or intelligent fields.


Careers page

Build a careers page for your company in seconds. Edit mottos, logos, social network links, highlight color, and more!

Focus on what matters

These and many other features will help lower your hire time and provide a quality system for managing applications


As easy as one-two-three


Tennant Configuration

SAAS Configuration.


Customization & Data Import

Plug-ins that connect to your existing systems. Custom Development.
Data import from your current repository.


Training & Kickstart

After an Introductory training course you're ready to go!

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